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Window Tint Denton

Lifetime Auto Tint Warranty !

Our trained installers employ professional techniques so that you'll be satisfied with your vehicle's window tint for years to come.

We also provide you with the comfort of a manufacturers lifetime warranty. That means if your film should be defective, bring it back in and we'll reinstall it.


Auto Window Tinting Specialists - Serving Denton & DFW

Keep your vehicle in pristine condition with our professional window tinting and paint protection services from Flexshield. Our shop has established a reputation for providing world-class customer care and workmanship at highly competitive prices. From glare and heat reduction to shatter- and scratch-resistant coatings, our specialists can do it all! Additionally, all of our window films have a lifetime warranty.

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Custom Window Tint Hand Cut Pattern

Premier Car Tinting Installation (and Removal) Services
All our films are at the leading edge of technology and come with a manufacturers lifetime warranty! Whathever your needs, we have the right film for you. Stop by and see our various tint shades and colors to select the right fit for you. Window tint offers a variety of benefits including glare and heat reduction, shatter- and scratch-resistant coating, improved comfort, and up to 99% UV-ray protection. Your tint should never fade to purple, peel, bubble, or crack and if it does, we will replace it free of charge. Give your car the benefit of window tint today.

Window Tint Installation Services
After we've provided you a free quote, we'll set up a convenient time to install your auto's window tint.

Boat and Marine Craft Window Tint Installation Services
We also offer tinting films, installation and services for our watercraft friends. Keep cooler inside your boat this summer with quality window film. 

Servicing Denton, Frisco, Gainesville, Little Elm, McKinney, Lewisville and North Texas

Madico Automotive Window Films

Madico Window Films are available in a variety of shades and colors making it easy to accent the look of your car, while taking advantage of the pinnacle of tint technology. There's no better of quality, function and looks in automotive window films anywhere else.

                           GOOD                                                  BETTER                                              BEST

Sun Gard Shadow

Lifetime Warranty

Over 99% UV Blocking

Heat Rejection: 31%


Madico Charcool 35 PS SR

Lifetime Warranty

Over 99% UV Blocking

Heat Rejection: 41%

Wincos High Heat Rejection Film

Madico Wincos 30 PS SR

Lifetime Warranty

Over 99% UV Blocking

Over 90% Infrared Rejection

Heat Rejection: 60%

Your Window Tinting & Paint Protection Specialists!