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Custom Car Audio Systems - for your Car, Truck, RV or Boat

We provide custom car audio solutions.

Music can change the whole mood of the day or even moment. The right song with the right sound system in your car can really transform your ride. From sounding like you're sitting in a live lounge or a majestic concert hall, anything is possible. Making that sound work in your vehicle is half the battle. The other half is selecting the right system. At Flexshield (Also known as Denton Car Audio) we have access to all the hottest brands and technology. Wanna play music from your Iphone or Android smartphone? No problem. Want to control your phone calls right through your speaker system? No problem.

Whether you prefer a slim receiver or a large panel, aftermarket systems have unlimited features. Maybe you need a system that interfaces with your mobile music library? Or maybe you want to access satellite radio. Many systems also have audio video or GPS navigation combination units.

What's a great head unit without great speakers? It's like spagetti without the sauce. Additional ingredients like amps to subwoofers, tweeters to speakers, add a level of crisp sound quality that can't be matched by stock/factory systems. Too much vibration? Add a a sound dampening piece. At Flexshield we have access to all the latest brands equipped with the latest technologies and the expert knowledge to help you find just the right speakers and components for your car, boat, RV or truck. . And let's face it, you're in your car daily, sometimes for long periods of time. At least make sitting in that traffic worth every minute of it with real quality sound. But be prepared to hear sounds you've never even heard in your favorite songs! Ask about our custom speaker box service.

CUSTOM FIT SOUND - Speaker Boxes
Sometimes the perfect sound solution involves building out a custom box to fit inside your vehicle or trunk. We have the expertise to build you a custom fit speaker box to fit the sound unit or system you desire. Stop by or call us for more information.

MARINE AUDIO - Boat Friendly Sounds
We also specialize in outfitting  our lakebound friends with quality sounds. Looking for a "Lovely Cruise" or maybe some boomin' sounds for Party Cove? You'll be making waves with a newly installed boat sound system. Add video and navigation and you'll really have no reason not to spend the entire weekend on the lake. Our large shop with high ceilings has a clearance of 20 feet  high and is capable of housing just about any size boat.

Our staff of highly skilled installers are trained in careful and accurate installation of sound systems and components. Have the peace of mind that our state-of-the-art equipment and professional installers will have your sound system fitted correctly for your vehicle. Our goal is to get it right the first time!

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